Visual Explainers


How location influences diagnosis and survival rates of rare cancers in Australia? 

Rare cancers are types of cancer that effect a very small number of people. This means that their diagnosis and treatment are often complex and require specialist care. It can be difficult to conduct research for these types of cancers because of the small numbers. However, one in five cancer diagnoses is for a rare cancer and they can have a substantial health impact on those affected.

This visual explainer provides insights into the impact of these rare cancer types among Australians, and how this impact differs depending on where people live.


How does the impact vary across Australia? 

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer type diagnosed among Australian men. This visual explainer uses interactive images, maps and text to highlight how much the diagnosis and survival rates for prostate cancer vary by small geographic areas depending on where people live across in Australia.

It highlights the complexity of uncovering the reasons why these disparities exist. By reading this explainer, people will gain unique insights into how prostate cancer impacts Australian men differently on their geographic location.